“The National Golf Course Restaurant Association (NGCRA) has been instrumental in reducing acquisition costs, generating network opportunities, introducing brand procurement possibilities, suggesting successful business strategies, and continues to be informative with their communication platforms (newsletter compilations, forums, associate interactions, etc). Hammock Dunes Club is a premier private oceanfront community with two golf courses and multiple food and beverage outlets. Tory Eulenfeld, the National Director of Member Services and Programs, developed a great partnership with the Club prior to me. Once I started (back in 2017), she was very involved in making me feel supported, influential with providing information about the association’s offerings and advantages, but above all - one of the most personable and pleasant company representatives I have ever encountered. Members of the program immediately identify and appreciate the multitude of benefits available to themselves, their team, and the company they represent.”

- Executive Chef Lance S. Cook, CEC, CCA, WCEC, CFBE, FMP, CFSM, The Hammock Dunes Club

“Being a member of the NGCRA and utilizing their services, along with those of their Distributing Partners, has been one of the best decisions I’ve made at Hillcrest.  We pride ourselves on providing the best service to our members; with the NGCRA, we are able to purchase products of the highest quality, whilst maintaining our healthy food costs. In all my years in the industry I have never seen such a cool network of Club Chefs that we now have in Los Angeles- thanks to Ollie Schindler and the NGCRA’s efforts.”

- Executive Chef John Angelopulos, Hillcrest Country Club

“Regarding NGCRA, the program has been a blessing for me at Hidden Valley!  We have been able to save thousands of dollars while allowing the salesperson to be more of a consultant than an actual sales representative. I was able to use the program to purchase new equipment, implement new menu ideas, while using high-end items with low costs involved. Their Distributing Partner has gone from just selling a handful of items to being the primary vendor because of The National Golf Course Restaurant Association!”

-Executive Chef Michael Mays, Hidden Valley Country Club

“Just wanted to send you a little note regarding Tory Eulenfeld and the NGCRA. I've been the Chef at Sawgrass Country Club, the Food and Beverage Director and now the Club Manager these last 15 years. I've never seen anyone outside the business like her. The NGCRA has had a great impact on the culinary community. Through Tory, the NGCRA has helped bring chefs closer together. Helped lead great events. Helped great people get great jobs. You should be very proud to have her on your team and the great things the NGCRA has done “

-Perry Kenney, Club Manager, Sawgrass Country Club

“ We have worked with the NGCRA and their Distributing Partner for almost 2 years now. Since visiting the warehouse with Chefs of other Clubs earlier in the year and from working closely with the team these past few months, we very much believe the two of them are the perfect team for us. We have also noticed a major change in our food costs thanks to the NGCRA program. We look forward to hosting another Chef Gathering soon.”

- Executive Chef Simon Lewis, The Riviera Country Club

“I’ve been using the NGCRA program for the past 7 years, and with 15 years of country club experience, I haven’t come across a program that can come close to the price, quality, and service that is offered here. It’s common to see savings ranging from 3-35% in all categories. Being in a “bottom line-driven industry, the savings mean a lot, but couple that with the quality name brands and level of service you receive from their partnering” companies, you’ll be winning on all fronts. I strongly recommend both of these companies to anyone who can take advantage of the opportunity.”

-Executive Chef Shayne Taylor, CEC, Greensboro Country Club

“Boca West has depended on the NGCRA and their Distribution Partner for a large part of our food purchases for almost a decade. Our discriminating clientele expects the best, and together they always deliver. Their customer service is outstanding. Our sales representative checks in throughout the week- their team goes above and beyond from responding to our needs during hurricanes to quickly repairing equipment. They make our jobs more comfortable and have become a strong support system in our daily operations.”

-Jay DiPietro, Boca West Country Club

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction with the NGCRA program that Tiger Point Golf Club utilizes. This program has enabled us to save on all of our food purchases. I have routinely compared the pricing that we now take advantage of against other competitors and have found that the pricing that the NGCRA program offers is almost always lower.  We are now in the process of converting our paper and chemical ordering thru them due to the fact that their pricing is also below what I am currently spending with my established paper & chemical supplier. Lastly, we are also converting our sports drink products from Powerade, which is supplied by Coca-Cola, to Gatorade due to such steep savings!   I highly recommend this program to anyone who has an opportunity to take advantage of the savings the NGCRA program offers.”

-Jesse Sproles, Director of Food & Beverage, Tiger Point Golf Club

“TPC Sawgrass has been a member of the NGCRA since 2010- we are very pleased with this group not only for their food buying program and networking opportunities, but we also value the relationship we have built with their team. They support us 365 days of the year- including tournament time when they come out with gifts for our Food and Beverage team of 65 people to help boost morale during our long days.”

-Hector Gonzalez,, Director of Culinary Operations, TPC Properties

“We have loved every minute of being an NGCRA member and working with their Distributing Partner. From the teamwork and incredible camaraderie amongst the Chefs, as well as the tremendous cost savings to be had. Not to mention we have found an array of quality new products through them, both from visits to warehouse, as well as at the Chef gatherings every month, which we have proudly hosted twice this year!”

- Executive Chef Jason McClain, The Jonathan Club 

"NGCRA and their Distribution Partners have gone above and beyond for The Beach Club these last few months, making it impossible to use any other pricing program as our main supplier.  Between the superior service and tremendous cost savings, it’s a no brainer for our Club. We also very much enjoy the monthly Chef meetings; it’s always great to meet new Chefs!”

- Chef Nathan Voz & Chef Daniel Hurtado, The Beach Club

“In our continued efforts to source out competitively priced commodity and dry good products for our Club, the decision to incorporate the NGCRA has proven to be a cost-effective and now vital part of our daily operations. Every step of the transition from our previous buying program to the NGCRA program was flawless and took little or no time on our part- they do all the leg work and we reap the benefits! Thank you NGCRA for showing us a great resource for our F&B operation.”

-Mike Snyder, Club Manager, Gulf Harbour Golf & Country Club

“ I have worked with the NGCRA at Maryland G&CC for the last few years. Although I am familiar with several other GPO’s, we have seen far more value to be had at our club through the NGCRA. Not only has the program significantly lowered our F&B costs, but I’m now a part of a group of Club Chefs in Maryland that allows me to network and share ideas. I have also been extremely impressed by the customer service we receive at the Club on a consistent basis. Huge thanks to the NGCRA and their Distributor Partners”

Chef Dan Nosek Maryland Golf and Country Club

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